1. Which frame will more stronger?

We have three different material frame, is iron, steel and aluminum. And different frame we have different quality, but steel and aluminum frame will more stronger.

2. Is your fabric waterproof?

We have different fabric with different quality, and also, we have the waterproof fabric.

3. Can we wash the fabric?

Generally, we don’t recommend you wash the fabric, but you could rinse with water if the canopy is dirty.

4. What is the different between steel frame and aluminum frame?

Both of them are durable for outdoor use, but steel frame will more heavy, aluminum frame will more easy for carry. Also, steel frame will rust.

5. How long will your tent and umbrella last?

It will depend on the material you choose, the using condition, using time, using method, protection and so on. Generally speaking, it will be 1-2 years in normal use.

6. What is the printing method?

There are two printing method, sublimation printing and screen printing. The printing method will according to the logo and design.

7. What is sublimation printing?

Generally speaking, we print your logo onto the white paper, and then transfer the logo on the paper onto the white fabric with the high temperature.

8. Can we take down the sidewall?

Yes, all the sidewall is removable.

9. How to open a tent?

1.Place the frame upright in the set up area.

2.Place the fabric top over the frame.

3.Match the Velcro strips on the top with the strips on the frame. Pull corners down completely. Press the Velcro strips together firmly.

4.Align grommet holes on the canopy with the bolts located on the frame.

5.Remove the top attachment nuts from their bolts. Place grommets over the bolts. Replace and tighten the nuts securely.

6.Take hold of the diamond shaped trusses on opposite sides of the frame.

7.Lift the structure from the ground. Walk backwards until the structure is completely opened.

8.Push the auto slider on the leg upwards as you hold the top of the leg down to engage the pin into the hole. Repeat at each corner of the structure. Pull the top down over the corner.

9.Twist the center peak pole clockwise to reduce the fabric tension. Twist the center peak pole counterclockwise to increase the fabric tension. Do not turn more than three turns.

10.Lift two outer legs up about 1 inch. Slide the inner leg down until the it snaps in position. Repeat with the other two legs, doing two legs at a time.

10. How to protect an golf umbrella?

First, after using the umbrella, you should put it in the dry and well ventilated area. And applying some lubricating oil in order to prevent rust and mold.

Second, fluffing the umbrella and tidying the umbrella ribs before opening it. Then, opening slowly and that it can be protected by fracture.

11. Which frame material of tent could be protected from rusting?

Aluminum frame. Aluminum frame with oxidization coated, which could be protected from rusting.

12. Does the tent could be waterproof, fireproof and UV resistance?

Yes for sure. We have different fabric with different quality, and it can be waterproof, fireproof and UV resistance as your request. (Waterproof: 800-1000mm, Fireproof: CPAI- 84 standard, UV resistance: 50+)

13. Which frame material of tent could be opened more easily?

Aluminum frame tent could be opened more easy. Aluminum is light with good quality, it is easy to open, close and carry.

14. Can we have our logo or company name to be printing on the tent and umbrella?

Yes for sure. Your logo and company name could be printing on the tent and umbrella, we do silk screen and heat transfer printing for the products.

15. Does the tent could be with full color printing?

Yes for sure. We do silk screen printing and heat transfer printing, we have our own printing machine for doing the full color printing.

16. What is screen printing?

Screen printing, first, we will use the logo and come out a printing board, then, use the suitable printing ink with the printing board. Lastly use them printing the logo onto the fabric with the brush

17. What is the difference between sublimation printing and screen printing?

Sublimation printing suitable for the complex logo design, full color printing or complex color, and screen printing will suitable for the simple logo design, few color printing. Also, sublimation printing is more expensive then screen printing.

18. Is your products stable in the heavy rain weather?

All our products is for promotion and the event, the most important function is for promotion and sun protection. And we suggest you to take it down when there are heavy rain weather if you want it last long time. Also, it will good for the products if you take some protection

19. Can we have some accessories for the tent?

Usually, clients only buy the simple tent, including the tent frame and the top cover.But if you need, you can buy the accessories for the tent, like the side walls, the side wall bar, the carry bag with wheels, the sand bags, the weights, the water tank, the spikes and ropes, the flag holder, connector parts, rain gutter, awning and so on. Just tell us if you need.

20. Is your products customized?

Yes for sure. All our products could be customized, Also, we could design the layout according to all your request for free.

21. Shipping Costs.

We ship DHL and the rates are different from countries to countries. Please provide us actual shipping address with your zip code for express shipping rates.

22. Do you have any cheaper options?

We got: 3 ranges of canopy tents to meet your different requests :High End – Mid Range – Entry Level; 2 different materials for frames; 5 different textiles for canopies; 2 type print methods.

23. What are the print options ?

There are 2 different print methods: Screen Print & Heat Transfer Print

24.The different between Screen Print & Heat Transfer Print?

Screen printing is mostly used when producing several items with the same logo or design. It is the process of using ink passed through a screen which is cured onto the garment with a dryer to create the final output. No design is too detailed for screen printing. Heat transfer fades quicker than Screen Printing.

Heat press is often mistaken for screen printing. The difference between the two is that heat press is vinyl material that has been cut and heat applied to the garment vs. inked onto the garment with screen printing. Why use heat press instead of screen printing? Heat press vinyl is a way to create individual shirts quickly with unique designs on each shirt. One of the most common places to find heat pressed vinyl is with names and numbers on the back of ball players Uniforms. We use heat press to produce images on orders that are too small for screen printing.

25. What does denier mean?

The denier weight of the top will determine the thickness of the canvas and help determine the overall quality of the tent. The higher the denier weight the thicker the canvas. A 600 denier canopy is considered a commercial grade canopy.

26. What does water resistant mean?

Most tents are termed water resistant. If the tent is put up correctly it will shed water, but it can pool along the valance if left unattended. If the water is allowed to pool it may evidently seep through. Keep in mind that a gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds, so the more water that has accumulated on the top the better chance of the frame collapsing.

27. Are weight bags necessary?

Our tents are free standing and will withstand around 10 mph winds but pass that would need some support. Most of our tents come with stakes but weight bags are available.

28. What’s the production lead time and turn around time ?

Under most condition,between 5- 7 business days.,will also depend on the order qty.

29. Can you help with my design?

If you want us to make you the design, please send us original pictures & words in document and describe your promotion aims in details. The artwork should be in JPG, PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, TIFF, CDR format; CMYK ONLY, at least 70dpi.

30. What’s graphics’ lifetime ?

All graphics meets SGS color fastness standard Grand 5,the colours shall not fade within one year.

31. For heat transfer printing, What are the double printing side wall and single printing side wall ?

For the single printing side wall, the front side will printed with logo, the back size will white. Double printing side wall consist of two single printing side wall.

32. What’s the difference between standard,enhanced and deluxe frame?

A: The difference include : weight, thickness, size of pole, finishing, connection part material, system of open up.

33. What’s the meaning of GSM ?

It means: the gram of per squaremeasure fabric.

34. Why the white powder coated is more expensive than blue powder, just different color?

White powder is stronger to protect the frame, avoiding it get rust, because white powder not easy to drop out.

35. What’s the MOQ of your tent and umbrella?

We accept small quantity, even though 1pcs, however, if the customer need to customize Pantone color for the fabric, then the quantity must reach MOQ, the exact MOQ depend on the product size you need, because different size, different fabric consumption .

36. What’s the correct way to use tent and parasol?

Even though tent and parasol are waterproof, but their main function is for resisting sunshine and small or medium rain, if the weather is very rainy and windy, we advise to close and move the product. In addition, customer had better to use them on the flat ground to keep it balance.

37. What’s the difference between screen printing and heat transfer printing?

Screen printing is manual, heat transfer printing is mechanized. That depend on the complex lever of you logo: Full color, complicated logo—– heat transfer printing;Single color ,simple logo—– screen printing

38. What’s useful life of tent or umbrella?

That depend on the usage environment and usage method of customer, normal usage : 1-2 years

39. Why dome tent so expensive?

Dome tent is our patent product, we spent a lot of cost on it like : design, developing, mould making, material …… Also the price include heat transfer printing, you can print any color.

40. What’s the meaning of water pressure resistance 1000mm?

It means,if the rainfall capacity within 1000mm/ hour, the fabric will not exist any water seepage.

41.Are you manufacturer or trade company?

We are manufacturer and trade company.

42.How much about the shipping cost for the products?

The shipping cost according to the weight,packing size and your area and any different times(exchange rate,tax rate)

43.What can I do if I want a fabric that you haven’t?

Most of our fabric can be customized,such as different gram ,windproof,waterproof as well as fire resistant and so on.You can contact our online service or send a email to us get more information.

44.What fabric do you most commonly use for tents and sun umbrella?

According to customer demand for many years.We usually introduce 300D polyester ,420D oxford fabric and 600D oxford fabric of folding tent to customer.Also,we commonly use 300D polyester as well as 210D oxford fabric even 420D oxford for sun umbrella in most cases.However,which kind of fabric you choice must suitable for your using .

45.What’s the shipping terms?

We accept Ex-work and FOB price.

46.Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are manufacture and we also provide ODM&OEM service.

47.Is my patio umbrella built to shelter me from the rain?

No, patio umbrellas are built to shelter from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Although they are water resistant, patio umbrellas should not be left open during inclement weather.

48.Can I use my umbrella in the winter?

Absolutely! You can still enjoy your patio when it is cold out. Patio umbrellas are a great way to help stay warm while you enjoy your patio in the cooler months. A patio umbrella prevents heat from escaping upward, leaving the air under the umbrella warmer than the surrounding air. So, of course you can use your umbrella in the winter.

49.If my patio umbrella says it’s, “wind resistant” can I leave the canopy open all the time?
No. Your patio umbrella will flex with the wind instead of breaking, but may suffer damage if left up in prolonged windy conditions. We also feature an umbrella with a canopy that will break away under exposure to especially strong winds.

50.Where are you sell your products?

our products are sold all over the world

51.Can you make tents with our brand?

Surely, we are welcome to cooperate as OEM service

52.Where can they be displayed?

Display them on Exhibition, parks, beaches, in front of the show rooms and supermarkets. All in all, they can be displayed everywhere, just as you like.

53. Which company have you ever cooperated with?

We have been cooperated with pepsi/P&G/coka cola, ect.

54.What is the expected life of a tent with average usage?

The average expected life of a tent is 1-2 years.Taking good care of your tent is a big factor in determining the tent’s life.

55. What kind of conditions must be used?

If you are planning on using your tent more frequently,you will need a more durable tent.

56.which way do you ship?

Shipping by express,by air and by sea depends on demand.Worldwide shipping
Service are available.

57.when the connection is broken, How can I get new ones?

Just call our Customer Satisfaction department with the tent model name,and we’ll send you a photocopy of your original instructions.Or you can buy one more replacement as a backup, when you buy the tent.

58.What we can do for you?

Our company’s major products include the following series:folding tents,gazebo,sun umbrella,parasol and so on.We have owned strong independent design capability and printing technology,so we can individually design and manufacturer fabric with any color,material and style according to customers ’s different requirements.

59.How to order?

Make the payment.We accept T/T,Western Union, Paypal
Send us your artwork or request. Advise us your address and phone for delivery.

60.What is Polyester/PVC material?

Polyester/PVC material is a quality,fire rated,fabric cloth which is PVC coated on the inside making this material extremely water resistant.